1. To provide an opportunity for social connections within the LGBT community at  
    the Schulich School of Business.

2. To provide the Schulich LGBT community with networking opportunities for
    professional development and career advancement. 

3. To promote an inclusive culture for students, faculty and staff at the Schulich
    School of Business.


LGBT Schulich's presidential scepter has been passed down from generation to generation of LGBT Schulich presidents. The following is a quick history of the club's leadership:

2002-2003 - Ryan Kraft (BBA) and Stephanie Myers (MBA 2003)

2003-2004 - Natham MacKenzie (MBA 2004) and Michael Silverberg (MBA 2005)

2004-2005 - Dax Giunta and Michael Silverberg (MBA 2005)

2005-2006 - Club dead?

2006-2007 - Mark Gaspar

2007-2008 - Andrew DiGironimo (BBA 2008)

2008-2009 - Stephen de Medecis (BBA 2009)

2009-2010 - Ryan Smith (IMBA 2010) and Arthur Vilner (IBBA 2010)

2010-2011 - Randy Langlois (MBA 2011) and Jonathan Odell (BBA 2011)

2011-2012 - Kyle Russell (MBA 2012) and Leroy Gonsalves (BBA 2013)

2012-2013 - Leroy Gonsalves (BBA 2013)


Today, LGBT Schulich is a cosmopolitan utopia of dream-fulfillment. The club engages in semester kick-off and planning meetings at the beginning of the fall and winter semesters, regular social events, participation in national conferences, and a mentorship program. 

First LGBT Schulich meeting

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