What does LGBT stand for?

LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender.

Who can join?

Although the club is student-focused, it is open to any member of the Schulich community: students (BBA, MBA PhD, etc.), faculty, admin, and alumni.

Do I need to identify as LGBT to join?

No! We highly encourage supportive straight allies to get involved.

What is the purpose of the club?

LGBT Schulich is a networking and social club. Its objective is to make connections between people by representing Schulich's LGBT community. 

How much does membership cost?

LGBT Schulich does not charge any membership fees. Signing up is as simple as sending an email to lgbt@schulich.yorku.ca. 

What leadership opportunities are available with LGBT Schulich?

Every year, LGBT Schulich takes on MBA and BBA presidents, and there are a variety of other executive roles available. There are also opportunities to organize events and represent Schulich at LGBT business conferences.

What level of involvement is necessary?

Involvement can range from simply being on our events mailing list to actively participating in on our executive committee.

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